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Me gustan los desfiles

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Libro Me gustan los desfiles

Simple text and photographs provide opportunities to practice counting and share in the excitement of watching a parade.

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  • Ellen Catala


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Un libro de juegos tranquilos sobre la noche que nos ayudará a adentrarnos en el mundo de los sueños. Para antes de ir a dormir, una propuesta lúdica sobre la noche, las constelaciones, la luna, las estrellas y las criaturas de la noche que incluye adhesivos, tintas fosforescentes y un origami para recortar.

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Few natural forces seem as much like magic as magnets. Perhaps that’s why magnets are so fun! Young scientists will love learning about amazing magnets, both natural and man-made. They’ll discover how magnetism is harnessed to help us in many ways. This STEM-supportive volume contains comprehensible text and photographs of students and scientists utilizing magnets. It also includes a simple, fun concluding activity to encourage readers to use this super science tool themselves.

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